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This is “The Guide” to operate your home!

Written by Tom Feiza, “Mr. Fix-it”, the manual contains hundreds of drawings and simple explanations that describe the structural, electrical, and mechanical systems in your home. This book will give you the information you need to effectively operate and maintain your home. Tom was a fellow home inspector in Wisconsin, tours as a technical speaker for home inspector symposiums, and hosts a radio call-in show on AM620 WTMJ in Milwaukee. Whether in Wisconsin or Worcester, MA this manual is essential reading for every new homeowner.

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When you contract with Harmony Home Inspection of MA, we become your local resource for homeownership advice.

When we perform an inspection of a single-family or multifamily home, we’ll also provide you with information on preventive home maintenance through our homeowner’s manual.

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How to Effectively Operate and Maintain Your Home

Homeowner's manual

“How to Operate your Home” is the complete guide to home ownership, with hundreds of drawings and simple explanations that describe how your home works.

  • Structurally
  • Electrically
  • Mechanically

You’ll find hundreds of solutions to common problems!
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